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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate?  

Dancers ages 3 and up are invited to participate in PCC’s Cinderella Live Performances.  Dancers ages 6+ who would like to be considered for additional roles must attend the audition on Sunday, January 28th to be cast in additional roles outside of class pieces.    


Do you have to be enrolled at Prima Classical Coaching to be considered? 

Yes!  Though highly recommended, participation is not mandatory, and students will not be penalized in any way for not participating. Learning choreography is a fun and essential part of dance training, so even if students choose not to participate in Cinderella, they will still learn the choreography during class time.


How many dancers will be cast?

Our goal is to provide as many dancers as possible with a suitable performance opportunity.  If we feel that your dancer is not ready this year, we encourage you to audition for future productions.   


How do I register for the audition?

Dancers can pre-register by booking the audition online through our website.  All dancers will need to complete a Cinderella Audition Form before the audition.  This form will be available at the studio and online.    


What time should I arrive for the audition?

 Dancers should arrive 30 minutes before their audition time.  This will give dancers time to complete the registration process.  Dancers must turn in their completed audition form, pay the audition fee, and get measured for costumes.  Dancers cannot leave until they have been measured for their costumes!!!


What is the audition fee? 

The audition fee is $20 per dancer. 


What is the dress code for the audition?

Female dancers are encouraged to wear a solid-colored leotard of their choice, pink tights, and pink ballet shoes.  We ask that all dancers have their hair secured out of their faces (a ballet bun or twist is preferred).  Boys should wear a solid color t-shirt, black athletic shorts/pants of their choice, and black ballet shoes or jazz shoes.   


How will I know if I was cast in a role?

We will notify every dancer via email whether or not they have been cast in the production.  Emails will be sent no later than Saturday, February 3rd.   The email will include your dancer’s part(s), rehearsal times, and the participation contract.  Please email at  or call the office at 763-332-9671 if you do not receive an email.  


When is the participation contract due?

 Participation contracts are due by  4:00 pm on Monday, February 5th.  Contracts can be submitted in person or via email.  If we do not receive your contract by this deadline, we will assume you have declined participation.     


Is there a production fee?

Yes.  The production fee helps cover the costs of costumes, guest performers, teachers/choreographers, backdrops, and theater rental fees. 

* Production fees reflect each division’s overall rehearsal amount and costuming needs.


$75 - Twinkle Toes

$100 - Preparatory Level 

$175 - Preparatory Conservatory Track and Junior non-Conservatory Track

$250 - Junior and Senior Conservatory (Junior 1+)


When is the production fee due? 

Production fees are due on the first day of rehearsals,  Saturday, February 10th, 2024.   


Are rehearsals mandatory? 

Yes! There are a limited number of weeks to prepare the entire production.  We plan to give a break for Spring Break to provide dancers with much-needed rest and family time.  We ask that all dancers list any rehearsal conflicts on their audition form.   If we feel that a dancer cannot adequately prepare for the production, we will encourage you to try it out next year.   (This pertains to Saturday rehearsals).


What if I know that I cannot rehearse at a specific time on Saturday?

Rehearsals will take place on Saturdays after 2:45 pm. The length of time that a dancer will rehearse will depend on their casting. Please indicate any rehearsal conflicts on your audition form. 


What if I know I will be absent or tardy on a specific date?

List any known conflicts on the audition form.  Conflicts are subject to approval by the Artistic Director.  


What is the rehearsal dress code?

Female dancers should wear a solid-colored leotard, pink tights, ballet shoes, and hair secured in a proper ballet bun/twist.  Male dancers should wear a white t-shirt, black athletic shorts/pants, and black ballet shoes or jazz shoes.  


Can dancers wear warm-ups or skirts?

Dancers will be allowed to wear skirts or warm-ups when appropriate.  However, dancers may be asked to adhere to the stricter dress code if it inhibits the visibility of their dancing.  


Do I get to keep my costume?

 No.  Costuming our production is a costly and labor-intensive process.  Costumes will be cleaned and stored to be used for further productions.  Dancers will be required to provide their tights, undergarments, and shoes.  


When and where are the performances?

 PCC’S Cinderella will be performed at Masonic Heritage Center, Bloomington, MN 

11411 Masonic Home Dr, Bloomington, MN 55437

Saturday, June 1st at 2 pm  

Saturday, June 1st at 6 pm   


Still have questions?  Contact us at or 763-332-9671

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