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Dancer participation Agreement 

Dancers and Parent/Guardian(s) must complete online or in-person by Monday, February 6th at 4pm

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Dancer Participation Agreement
Sleeping Beauty Production 2023


 In order to participate, I am agreeing to follow all the below-stated rules and guidelines for this performance:  

1) New parents are RECOMMENDED to reach out with any questions after reading all materials provided.

2) Parents are RECOMMENDED to volunteer for a minimum of one (1) performance-related duty  

3) Dancer MUST be  3 years of age or older 

4) Dancer MUST submit all known absences prior to beginning rehearsals (February 11)


5) Dancers missing more than (2) rehearsals may be replaced per the director’s decision.  

6) Attending Dress Rehearsal is mandatory. If you know you are unavailable during this date please do not apply this year.

(Friday, June 2nd 2023)  

7) Dancers are required to be at all performances. If you know you are unavailable for one or more performances please do not apply this year.

(June 3rd, 2023)  

8) Should the dancer become sick with a contagious illness such as, but not limited to: Strep throat, pink eye, influenza, or stomach flu they will not be permitted to attend the performances until they have been on antibiotics for 24 hours or have a doctor’s note stating they may participate. 

 9) Dancers agree to be courteous and respectful to other cast members, customers, and volunteers. Dancers who show a lack of courtesy may be removed from the cast.  

10) Rehearsals are an extension of the class. Dancers should arrive on time for all rehearsals and be dressed in proper dance attire. 

 11) All cast members must be enrolled in a dance class if they are cast in a dancing role. 

12) All casting is final.  

13) Dancer is not guaranteed more than one part in the production. 

14) Dancer may be split cast.  

If you agree to all the above-stated rules please sign below. 


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