Kick off your Summer with Prima! 

4 Day Workshop for Ages 9 & Up


JUNE 14th- JUNE 17th

Enjoy small class sizes and receive individual corrections in a safe and encouraging environment.  Dancers ages 9 + will receive 3 hours of training daily.  Each day will consist of a ballet technique class and specialty classes. Specialty Classes include: classical variations, contemporary repertoire, stretching/conditioning, and pointe or pre-pointe.


Note:  Pointe and pre-pointe classes will be taken on flat for male dancers.  This will allow the dancers to focus on building ankle strength and stability.


(Class size is limited to 12)


SUmmer Workshop 
for Ages 12+
June  14th - June 17th
1:00pm - 4:00pm 


Recommended for  Intermediate and Advanced Level dancers.  Each day will include a ballet class and a minimum of one specialty class. 


Specialty classes include:

variations, stretching/conditioning, 

pointe (flat shoes for non-pointe dancers), and character dance.


Daily Schedule 


1:00-2:30pm -  Ballet Technique

2:30 - 3:30pm -  Variations/ and Pointe

3:30 - 4:00pm - Penché Perfection 



1:00 -2:30pm - Ballet Technique

2:30-3:00pm - Pointe/Ankle Strengthening

3:00-4:00pm - Character Dance



Summer Workshop FOr Ages 9-12
June 14th - June 17th
9:30am - 12:30pm


Recommended for Beginner and Intermediate Level dancers.  Each day will include a ballet class and a specialty class. 


Specialty classes include:

choreography, stretching/conditioning, character and pre-pointe/beg pointe.


Daily Schedule


9:30-11:00am -  Ballet Technique

11:00-11:45am - Classical Variations

11:45--12:30pm - Penché Perfection 



9:30-11:00am Ballet Technique

11:00-11:45am-  Pre-Pointe/Beg Pointe 

11:45--12:30pm - Character Dance