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We are thrilled to announce our upcoming performances of the enchanting ballet, Cinderella. Our production of Cinderella showcases the talent and dedication of our students and instructors. You will be captivated by the graceful movements, beautiful costumes, and immersive storytelling. This is an opportunity to support the hard work and progress of our dancers as they bring this timeless fairy tale to life on stage.



On Saturday, June 1, both performances of Prima Classical Coaching's production of Cinderella will be filmed by Alex Battles (AB Productions), who also filmed Nutcracker '22 & '23 and Sleeping Beauty.


Orders placed BEFORE June 3 will receive a pre-show discount AND the orders are guaranteed to be delivered to Prima the week of June 17.

Orders placed AFTER June 2 will not be discounted and are not guaranteed to be delivered by the week of June 15.



One USB $50                                              

Two USBs $90                                             

Three or more USBs $40 each

One DVD $55

Two DVDs $100

Three or more DVDs $45 each


ORDERS PLACED AFTER JUNE 2 (no quantity discount)

USBs $55 each

DVDs $60 each

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